предлагает следующие услуги: Письменный и Устный перевод, Легализация и Апостиль, с гарантией своевременного выполнения

We engage only the most experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language for your documents. The majority are not only highly educated language professionals, but also have significant experience in specific areas of business, technical, IT, marketing, medical or legal work - and are assigned to translation projects in line with their expertise. They are therefore fully aware of the relevant specialist terminology needed to ensure complete accuracy. Furthermore you can be assured that in addition to full proofing by a bilingual editor of every translation carried out by the L-PRO bureau. The high quality of operations at L-PRO translation bureau is ensured by the meticulous testing of our translators and the full control over translation and proofing by our editors.

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You may place an order and send documents for Russian translation in whatever way is most convenient for you (by phone, fax, e-mail, personally or by using our courier). Regular clients may contact us at any time, including week-ends and holidays. Corporate clients may place orders without prepayment. We ensure the absolute confidentiality of your information. All our personnel and translators are under confidentiality contracts with the L-PRO translation bureau.


Translation proofreading after layout (provided the layout is done not in our bureau). During the layout process (especially if layout specialist does not know the target language) some words and, sometimes, whole paragraphs may be lost. Text proofreading is done by translator. Consequently, absence of errors in the final design is guaranteed.


Our translation bureau provides a convenient way to get fast and professional-quality translation of your business materials (contracts, user manuals, website, communications etc.) or of personal documents/ certificates (passport, birth certificate, diplomas). You will find information on our services on this website.


Every translation is quality checked, no matter the size or service level and will be ready in time. We will always liaise with you to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and address any queries concerning the translation.




Written translation is a reproduction of the content of the original document by means of the language of translation, in written form.



Legalization is "a formal procedure used to obtain legal force for a document (education diploma, certificate, licence, etc.) in another country or state. The procedure is used to certify the authenticity of a signature and the authority of a person who has signed such document and, if required, the authenticity of a seal or stamp attached to such a document.



An apostille is the equivalent of an international notarial seal. Any document which bears an apostille is legally valid for use in all countries party to the Hague Convention of 1961 on the legalization of documents.


Additional services

We can deliver ready translations to any place; translate any document created using PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, FrameMaker, or Adobe Acrobat.


birth certificates
property right certificates  
non-conviction certificates of
foreign passports
other foreign documents
driver's license
custom papers
constituent documents
2-PIT statements
translation of diploma
translation of passport
legal translation
financial translation
technical and scientific translation
translation of business and private correspondence
translation of medical texts
economic translation
political translation
literary translation
translation of books
translation of agreements, contracts and tenders
translation of video and audio
translation of sites and ON


translation and preparation of documents for legalization
consular legalization
receipt of the certificate of non-conviction
legalization of documents in Chamber of Commerce and Industry
notarized translation of documents
apostille on education documents
apostille on documents of bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE
apostille on notarized copies
legalization of documents for Kazakhstan
legalization of documents for Russia
legalization of documents for the USA
legalization of documents for China
legalization of documents for the UAE
legalization of documents for Canada
legalization of documents for Spain
legalization of documents for Italy
legalization of customs declaration
legalization of any copy which isn't subject notarial assurances
pension certificate
diploma or certificate
military ID
reference (school, work, bank)
certificate about registration of the right


High quality, law prices for translation and notarization, "to a day", "today for tomorrow" translations, apostille, legalization.
We are working six days a week!

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